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Looking for a trustworthy security service provider? You landed on the best. Providing accurate and affordable security solutions in the Abbotsford area, we work as one large team to offer the best security services in all of Abbotsford.

Securiway Security Services is the best security service provider you can think of. We are reliable, flexible and experienced. This is why we are the leading security company among all Abbotsford security companies.

We provide you with the best service, sectioned into several possible options to choose from. No matter what your requirement is, we will be able to meet it as long as it is about security. Securiway Security services vary as follows, ready to serve.

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Trained and Experienced Security Guards


Security monitoring is a complete security package that assures overall security in your company or site. Securiway Security Services offers automated CCTV security monitoring services that detect suspicious behaviour and abnormal activity.

The system is being monitored by specialized security personnel who will keep watch 24/7. Security is among the key elements in a hotel’s management and the main reasons why a customer chooses a hotel in the first place. The security base of a hotel consists of a complex CCTV monitoring section and a strong network of security guards.

As a leading security service provider for the Abbotsford area, Securiway security in Vancouver is specialized in keeping watch at a hotel, guiding and assisting customers when needed. Hotel security services are taken to another level with the well-trained security guards Securiway employs.

Trusted Security Agency


Be it your firm, office, business place, institution or simply just your house, Securiway security company would immediately swift to every nook and corner of Abbotsford to provide security guards. Security guards are the easiest, safest way to ensure safety. We provide confident, pleasant and experienced security guards who will be a constant watch with zero difficulty and maximum efficiency.

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One step ahead from ordinary security guards, we provide mobile patrol security to any of your work sites. Our mobile patrolmen will travel around the site to ensure safety, keep watch for thieves or unpermitted intruders, check out the safety measures and make sure everything works right. They are specially trained in taking action in emergencies. Therefore Securiway Security’s mobile patrol supervisors is what you need.

Your construction site needs alert watchers to supervise the security. Securiway security in Vancouver provides construction site security guard services that meet your requirement for the Abbotsford area. The safety of the construction sites would be assured, and no trespassing would be allowed.

Why Choose Securiway?

24/7 Security Service
Full Control and Protection
Trusted by Locals
Affordable Security Guards
Professional and Reliable
Experienced and Well-trained


If you own a business, apartment block or a hotel, the concierge is what you are looking for. We at Securiway Security have the best men to offer to provide amalgamated security concierge services.

They assist in running important errands, taking luggage, packages or parcels, greeting customers and leading them to where they want to go. Securiway Security undoubtedly offers Abbotsford’s best concierge services.


The retail industry runs on profit; you, as a retailer, would know it better than anyone else. Shoplifting, thieving and robbing would degrade the levels of profit. This is why you need loss prevention security officers in your business.

Among the limited number of Abbotsford security companies that offer this service, Securiway leads the way. Experienced security officers do loss prevention management; your industry will soon flourish into success.



Fire Watch in Abbotsford

The risk of a fire is common to any place or event. Once the risk is induced either by accident or by arson, the fire should be distinguished immediately. You as the busy organizer of your event, or the owner of your business, would have no time to spare to do this on your own.

That is why Securiway security services offer the best fire watch crew for the Abbotsford area to deal with it. With their high-tech equipment and experience, they would be looking out for signs of fire.

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Event Security Service Abbotsford

If you are having a shareholder meeting, a business gathering, exhibition, musical evening, concert or drama show, or even a personal party, Securiway Event security service makes sure that you get the best of your event under the safest conditions. You can rely on our event security to manage crowds, avoid assaults and resolve fights or provide first aid if anything traumatic happens.

Your event will be covered by our employees, dressed in suitable attire and wearing pleasant smiles, who will make sure the event runs smoothly without disruptions. If any occur, they will take care of them soon before you even know. Securiway is happy to announce that we are the best event security service to provide you with an exceptional security service.

If you’re searching for exceptional protection, you can count on Securiway— one of the top security companies in Abbotsford. We have a team of professionally trained and SIA-licensed professionals that are dedicated to providing high-quality safety solutions exclusively tailored to your needs, according to Canadian industry standards and regulations.

Don’t leave your protection up to chance

At Securiway, you will find the most experienced professional security guards who can protect your people and assets. Our industry experience and teamwork empower us to deliver the most affordable and customized security services, regardless of your industry. Our goal is to deliver the most flexible and dependable security in Abbotsford. Tell us your security requirements, and we will work with you to meet them.

Get reliable, all-around security solutions

One of our competencies is security monitoring. We offer comprehensive security packages to ensure your site’s overall security. Securiway can implement an automated CCTV security monitoring solution with specialized 24/7 security personnel who can help you oversee your property and operations, detect abnormal activity or suspicious behaviour, and take immediate action. We highly recommend this service to various clients in the hospitality, banking, and retail sectors.

Always one step ahead

Our mobile patrol security guards are trained to the highest standards to ensure they are always one step ahead of others. You can rely on them to keep intruders, trespassers, and thieves at bay. This is why we remain one of the most preferred security companies in Abbotsford.

Our team is specially trained to maintain and check your safety measures to ensure everything is protected. Plus, they are trained to take action during emergencies, making them useful for construction sites, loss prevention, event security, concierge security, and fire watch.

Take charge of your security now

Choose Securiway for reliable security in Abbotsford and get full protection and control of your assets, property, workers, and guests. Contact us to get a quote.

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