Fully Qualified Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Our mobile patrol services are available throughout the Lower Main Land – just contact SecuriWay Security Services today and we can design your own mobile patrols and requirements.


SecuriWay security company Vancouver offers a variety of mobile patrol security services. Security mobile patrols provide an effective security deterrent when clients have large/multiple sites or when sites and buildings are vacant. Securiway Security Services can offer patrols at specific times, intervals or differing intervals.

As one of the top Vancouver security companies, SecuriWay can often involve the responsibility of key holding and responding to alarms incident response, minimizing disruption to the client and to the surrounding areas. Our mobile patrols also take on the role of ensuring premises are secure after a day’s business.

Mobile Patrol Security

1. Effective Mobile Patrol Security Service

Our Mobile Security Patrol service is the cost-effective, efficient alternative to the presence of static security guards.

The Mobile Patrols, therefore, serve not only as a deterrent but can also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems, for example, windows left open by staff or alarm malfunctions.

2. Cost Effective Mobile Patrols Service

To verify the mobile security patrols have been correctly undertaken, a patrol monitoring system is installed at the premises and reports downloaded and forwarded to clients on a regular basis.

In order to ensure efficient, reliable and cost effective mobile patrols service, we undertake this service in Vancouver and surrounded cities.

3. Reliable Mobile Patrol Security Service

All our mobile patrol security guards are subject to the same vetting standards, and undertake the same training, as our static security officers.

This mobile patrol security service suits businesses that want to maintain a level of security and safety at their premises during the evening and weekends, but do not have the requirement for static security guards at all times.

reliable mobile patrol service Vancouver


At Securiway, we recognize that budget limitations are crucial when choosing a security partner. We not only surpass our competitors in terms of pricing and value, but we also take pride in delivering substantial cost savings of more than 35% per site compared to our rivals.

In addition to our competitive pricing, we offer our clients a range of additional benefits. This includes our complimentary signage package, which is valued at approximately $500. Additionally, we provide 365 patrol security services, live technology-driven reporting for each site in real-time.

If you’re contemplating the suitability of mobile security services, we extend our offerings to various facilities and beyond.

Businesses with multiple sites
Vacant sites and property
Car Parks
Building Sites

Our team at Securiway has extensive experience in providing 365 patrol security services to various facilities. We understand each location’s unique security challenges and are equipped to handle them efficiently. As one of the top security companies in Vancouver, all visits to the premises are computer-recorded and are arranged at irregular times, avoiding a noticeable pattern that criminals could exploit.


Security Guard Patrol is one of Securiway Security’s most sought-after services. With our mobile patrol security guards, you can enjoy maximum coverage tailored to your specific needs, all while staying within your budget.

Our highly trained guards can be deployed according to your preferences, providing comprehensive security coverage over a wide area in significantly less time than a static security guard. Whether it’s safeguarding your property, deterring potential threats, or ensuring peace of mind, our mobile patrol security service offers a reliable and efficient solution for all types of security needs.

Our highly trained security patrol guards diligently undertake their patrols on bicycles or one of Securiway’s highly visible fleet of security vehicles. With our state-of-the-art TrackTik technology, you can stay updated with real-time information on a patrol, ensuring utmost transparency and peace of mind. Whether it’s the quiet streets or bustling neighbourhoods, our dedicated team is always ready to ensure the safety and security of your premises.

Security Patrol Officers

What is mobile security patrol?

Mobile security patrol is a specialized security service where trained guards carry out regular, systematic checks on your site or property. These patrols can be conducted on foot, by bicycle, or in clearly marked security vehicles, enabling guards to cover a larger area more quickly and efficiently than traditional static security solutions.

The mobile nature of these patrols allows for more unpredictability in timing and route, creating a strong deterrent for potential criminal activity. With the added benefit of high-visibility signage, security patrol guards serve as an effective security measure and a powerful visual deterrent. This versatile approach to security can be adapted to suit various locations and needs, from residential areas and commercial properties to large industrial estates.

What are the benefits of our mobile security patrol in Vancouver?

  • Enhanced Security: Regular patrols by trained security guards provide an additional layer of security to your property, making it less attractive to potential criminals.
  • Cost-Effective: Mobile patrols are a cost-effective alternative to traditional static guarding services, as one guard can cover a larger area more efficiently.
  • Visible Deterrent: A security vehicle or uniformed guard is often enough to deter criminals from targeting your property.
  • Timely Response: In case of any suspicious activity, mobile patrols can quickly respond and investigate the situation, reducing the risk of theft or damage.
  • Customizable Solutions: Mobile patrols can be tailored to fit specific needs and locations, providing a flexible and

What is the most common type of mobile patrol?

The most common type of mobile patrol is vehicle patrols. These patrols are typically carried out by security personnel in marked vehicles, often equipped with high-powered lights and communication devices to ensure swift response and efficient communication with law enforcement if needed. Vehicle patrols can cover larger areas faster than foot or bicycle patrols, making them ideal for more significant properties or industrial estates. However, the best type of mobile patrol services may vary depending on specific security needs and the nature of the property to be secured.

What are the duties of a mobile patrol officer?

A mobile patrol officer has several key responsibilities, all geared towards maintaining the safety and security of the areas they patrol:

  • Routine Patrols: The primary duty of a mobile patrol officer is to conduct regular, thorough patrols of the designated area. These patrols can serve to deter potential criminals and also allow the officer to identify any potential security threats or issues.
  • Incident Response: In the event of a security incident, a mobile patrol officer is responsible for responding quickly and appropriately. This could include investigating alarms, confronting trespassers, or dealing with other security breaches.
  • Communication: Keeping in regular contact with a central control room or other security personnel is crucial for a mobile patrol officer. This ensures they can report any issues promptly and receive backup if needed.
  • Reporting: Mobile patrol officers are typically required to log their activities and observations. This can provide valuable information for ongoing security planning and for law enforcement in the event of a crime.
  • Customer Service: In many settings, mobile patrol officers may interact with the public or employees at their patrol sites. Offering assistance, answering questions, and generally providing a reassuring presence can be important aspects of their role.

What are the 5 types of patrol in security?

The five primary types of patrol in security are:

  • Foot Patrol: This is the most basic type of patrol where officers patrol on foot, allowing them to closely monitor their surroundings and interact directly with the public if necessary.
  • Vehicle Patrol: Vehicle patrols, often done in marked cars, allow for faster response times and cover larger areas; hence, they are ideal for large properties like industrial complexes or residential communities.
  • Bicycle Patrol: Bicycle patrols strike a balance between foot and vehicle patrols. They are faster than foot patrols yet offer a similar level of intimacy with the community. They’re often used in city centers or parks.
  • Mounted Patrol: In some cases, officers patrol on horseback. This is especially common in rural areas or for crowd control during large public events.
  • K-9 Unit Patrol: In these patrols, officers are accompanied by trained dogs. K-9 units are particularly effective for searches and law enforcement due to the dogs’ heightened sense of smell and perceived threat by potential criminals.

What is the difference between mobile and foot patrol?

Mobile and foot patrol are two effective methods used in security surveillance, each with unique advantages and applications. Mobile patrol generally refers to surveillance conducted using a vehicle. It covers a larger area in less time, provides a visible deterrent to crime, and facilitates a rapid response to incidents. In contrast, foot patrol involves security officers moving around on foot. This method allows for more intimate knowledge of the patrolled area, direct interaction with the public, and a thorough observation of surroundings. However, compared to mobile patrol, foot patrol covers a smaller area and may have slower response times to incidents further afield.

What is the most expensive type of patrol?

The most expensive type of patrol is the K-9 Unit Patrol. This is due to several factors. Firstly, the cost of purchasing, training, and maintaining a working dog is significant. The dogs require specialized training, which can be time-intensive and costly. Furthermore, there are ongoing costs related to care, including food, veterinary services, and secure accommodation. In addition, the officers paired with the dogs also require specialized training to handle the dogs effectively and safely. Despite the higher costs, the unique skills and capabilities brought by K-9 units make them a valuable part of many law enforcement agencies.

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