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Securiway Security is a full-service integrated security solutions company offering customized corporate security services Coquitlam, BC, Canada.



The most traditional yet one of the most successful safety measures you can take for your house, company, workplace or business spot is a security guard. We provide active and efficient security guards who would stay 100% alert during the shift. From attire to behaviour, our guards will not disappoint you. Securiway Security Guards are just a simple call away; dial right now for the best security guard service in Coquitlam.

Coquitlam is as calm and as refreshing as it could ever be, but you never know when something unexpected would happen. Being a dweller, trader, landowner or business person in Coquitlam, you would always need the best security company to meet all your safety needs.

Everything that you ever looked for is now available under one roof; Securiway Security Services in Coquitlam. We are the best security service provider in the city, providing you with convenient security guards and patrol services. We have an array of choices to pick from, depending on what place you need your security patrols or guards and why.

Our service is completely reliable, with the best staff in Coquitlam and the most flexible price rates. Security Security Services’ offerings differ from a wide range of options. We cover all!

Security Services Coquitlam

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Construction Site Security Guard

If you own a construction site in Coquitlam, you must have one or more site security guards to ensure the safety of your building site. A construction site is full of risks and threats, so having trustworthy security guards would help you manage the construction site better.

Fire Watch Security in Coquitlam

Out of the fire watch security services in Coquitlam, Securiway promises great unmatched service. Our staff would stay alert for any signs of fire and make sure they do not occur. The place you own would be safe in our hands; any arson attempts would be immediately stopped.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring by Securiway is a fully supervised security system that suits all your needs. The automated monitoring system will be of great convenience if you have a bigger area to cover. Any suspicious activity would be recorded and instantly be reported, and you would know immediately. That is why we are the best option for security services in Coquitlam.



Your worksite in Coquitlam needs a mobile patrol to make sure everything happens according to order. Common among worksites are the intrusions of trespassers and breaking in of thieves. A mobile patrol security officer would travel around the site in constant watch for such unpermitted activity.

Once they spot something unusual, Securiway Security Services’ patrolmen are specially trained to intervene tactfully. This is why you should pick our company, where the patrolmen are specially trained to practically involved in their job.

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Coquitlam being the sixth-largest city in British Columbia is filled with hotels, restaurants and apartments. Concierge is a simple yet important service provided by Securiway Security Services for all your hotel and apartment owners.

Our concierge security officers are well-known for their friendly, decent mannerisms and special concierge training. Their services include receiving parcels and packages, meeting and greeting, guiding customers and passing on important messages. Securiway gives the greatest concierge security services in the whole of Coquitlam.


Our security service offers service to gatherings, special occasions and events Getting your event planned perfectly is not the only way to make it a success; there are several other things you should pay attention to. At the same time, your shareholder meeting, business meeting, musical concert, exhibition or personal function occurs.

Our trained professionals at the best security service company in Coquitlam are experts in event security management. They would watch out for commotions, manage crowds, avoid disturbances and control any heated-up moments. Securiway makes your event safe!

Security Company for all your security needs

Are you looking for a security guard? You do not have to look any further. Contact Securiway today! Competitive rates. Get a free evaluation. Offer Quality security services.

Loss Prevention

Retailing and trade need loss prevention to increase the standards of business and to earn. Preventing loss cannot be achieved by you alone because it requires deliberate attention and scrutiny.

Shoplifters would roam no more around your retail business once you hire loss prevention security officers from Securiway Security Services in Vancouver. They would work their best to increase your profits by effectively managing the security of your trade-in Coquitlam.

Hotel Security Guards

Security should not be considered any less seriously than the other facilities in a hotel. Hotel security guards play a huge role in protecting the place and the customers. The best hotel security in Coquitlam is provided by our Securiway crew.

The difference between a Securiway hotel security guard and an ordinary one, is that Securiway not only guards doors, but also guides and watches. A Securiway hotel security guards guard is like a spy you hire for yourself.

Securiway is a renowned security services provider in Coquitlam, delivering top-notch security services to various clients, from individual homes to large corporations. Our team can handle any situation that may arise with a proactive approach. Our customized security guard services in Coquitlam do not only keep your property and people safe. They can also help reduce insurance and liability costs, as well as the risk of accidents and costly lawsuits or insurance claims.

We offer a wide range of security services in Coquitlam, including access control and concierge security, mobile patrols, and fire watch. We also provide fully-supervised security monitoring systems ideal for bigger areas. Using the latest security technologies, we can provide 24/7 surveillance, keep people and property safe, and immediately deploy security personnel to any potential threats.

On top of these, we can customize unique solutions, such as construction site security guard services in Coquitlam. Construction sites can be dangerous places with expensive equipment and materials, which is why having security guard services is essential. Securiway security guards can deter theft, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure that workers and visitors follow safety protocols. They can also patrol the site to prevent vandalism, ensure compliance with regulations, and protect confidential information by restricting access to sensitive areas.

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