Protecting Employees, Customers, and Assets

Parking Enforcement Services can be a great help to your business. By enforcing parking regulations, you can keep your employees and customers safe and ensure that they have plenty of parking available. Parking Enforcement Services can also help increase the flow of traffic by ensuring that cars are not parked in unauthorized areas. If you’re looking for a Parking Enforcement Service provider, be sure to check out our recommendations!


Lower mainland vehicle crimes are still a stubbornly hard problem to overcome. When running a mall or shopping center, parking enforcement security works to provide a safe and secure parking environment while also preventing loitering and ensuring smooth traffic flow. Securiway Security can help you with parking enforcement by providing customized security solutions and various security services.

Parking Enforcement Services


All of the trained security guards at Securiway are committed and committed to their responsibilities. Each team member is thoroughly vetted to ensure that we hire only the best individuals.


Our guards are the most highly trained in the business. We’re ready for anything with mandatory job-site training, general training, and continuous coaching.


The days of paying for unprofessional and irresponsible guards are long gone. You can anticipate excellent service and dependable assistance from Securiway no matter what.

Parking Enforcement Services


The position of a security guard in today’s world is adapting to fit the changing environment. Our parking enforcement security personnel are emblematic of this transition. They’re trained to provide a pleasant and adjustable presence for guests, with dedicated customer care training modules included as part of a comprehensive training program. Not only will our guards deliver world-class parking enforcement security to your business, but they’ll also ensure that every customer or visitor feels like a VIP.

Parking Enforcement Services:

– Helps to keep employees and customers safe

– Increases the flow of traffic

– Reduces loitering

– Provides world-class security for your business

If you are looking for Parking Enforcement Services, look no further than Securiway Security! We are the leading provider of Parking Enforcement Services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Following the Regulations Of BC

Parking enforcement is the most effective approach to maximizing your parking lot’s income and availability. Our security experience and vast knowledge allow us to provide efficient and cost-effective services for municipalities, schools, hospitals, and private lot owners. All of our security guards and parking enforcement are properly trained and supervised by us, as well as active and responsive lot patrol.

We work with our customers to establish protocols for client and dispute resolutions. If there’s a problem with the lot, we’ll take care of it. Leave it to Securiway Security to provide you with unique and customized parking solutions based on the size of your lot and the amount of daily traffic you require.


We provide a wide range of parking enforcement and security services, including access control, alarm response, camera monitoring, lost and found services, foot patrol, customer service, vehicle counts, valet parking, loss prevention, first aid administration, safe walk programs, and more as one of Vancouver’s major security companies.

Your parking lot is vulnerable to a number of criminal activities, particularly during after-hour operations or in dimly lit underground parkades, if it isn’t adequately watched and guarded. Parking enforcement personnel not only prevents litter and vandalism on your property but also protect your customers and their vehicles.

Through our mobile app for security, we eliminate any doubts about the effectiveness of our services. This tool allows us to observe, track, and manage the actions of any of our mobile patrol officers. We may function as a helpful face for your consumers in need of lost keys, resolve parking meter problems, and offer assistance in case of automobile difficulties, among other things.

Customized Security Guard Services

The most significant difference between Securiway Security and our competitors is that our parking enforcement security services are completely tailored to their needs. We take pleasure in providing a big security company’s service selection alongside the adaptability and personalized attention of a small business.

We’ve discovered that there’s no standard solution for security, and we’ve seen time and time again how important it is to have a partner who understands your business. We’ll take the time to understand your particular issues before developing a unique security strategy that works best for you.

Securiway’s private property parking enforcement services provide comprehensive support to help keep your parking lots safe and secure.

We have the experience and knowledge to handle various enforcement duties, including providing round-the-clock surveillance to deter loitering, ensuring a smooth traffic flow, and responding to emergencies that may arise—all while making your customers feel like VIPs.

Our parking enforcement services are designed to ensure that everyone using the facility is safe and secure. We use several methods— including digital surveillance technology and license plate recognition systems— to keep track of violations and ensure compliance with regulations. Our comprehensive security services ultimately maximize your parking lot’s availability and income.

Securiway’s private property parking enforcement is committed to providing the highest level of service and safety. With our experience, expertise, and technology, you can rest easy knowing that your parking facility is in good hands.

SecuriWay Parking Reinforcement Service is available throughout the Lower Main Land. Contact us today, and we offer an affordable Corporate Security Services to meet your requirements.

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