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Securiway Security Services is a dynamic and innovative company committed to providing innovative security solutions to our clients and candidates. Our company’s operations are based on Canadian Standards for providing Security officers and mobile Petrol services.

We prided ourselves in providing a full range of Security Management Services and are committed to continually improving the contents and quality. Well qualified and experienced professionals are dedicated to the growth and improvement of security services.

Committed to providing a professional service
Committed to providing the highest quality service possible
Offers tailor-made Security solutions for your needs and requirements
Friendly & helpful support team
Trusted and contracted by many prestigious companies


Our mission is to provide first-class security solutions and to ensure that our clients are properly protected.


Our vision is that all our employees will provide added value to our customer’s business by carrying out their duties with integrity, skill and cheerfulness. The company is to provide development opportunities for all employees to enable achievement of company’s goals.

Why Choose Us

We offer outstanding services for the assessment, planning protection of your most vital assets, your premises and staff.

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Cost-Effective and Outstanding Security Service

SecuriWay Security Company Vancouver offers unparalleled service,  with a team of knowledgeable and experienced security guards. We deliver highly effective and cost-efficient security services at reasonable prices. Vancouver has so many security companies, out of which Securiway security company provides one of the best security services.

Full Range of Security Management Services

We have been serving the security services industry for many years & take forward all the wealth of experience gained in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of Security Management Services & committed to improving the contents and quality continually.

Excellent Customer Service 24/ 7

We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and pride ourselves by offering excellent customer service 24/ 7. We can provide short notice security cover to temporary or contract manned guarding services. We are pleased to help our clients whenever they need Security Guard on Short Notice anywhere in the lower mainland by offering a wide range of back-up security options.

Vancouver Security Service

Benefits of Working With Us

Highest Standards of Integrity and Excellence

SecuriWay has the highest standards of integrity and excellence at every level. To us, integrity and professionalism are of the utmost importance. We are a dynamic and innovative company committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost-effective security guarding services to retail, corporate and healthcare clients and the public sector and industrial organizations.

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Security Guard

We place great significance on the ability of our staff set up to safeguard your property. Moreover, the key features of manned security services are to provide efficient and high-quality security service to our clients and customers.

Our new guards take our extensive training course and examination & we encourage our labour force to study advanced professional security examinations and we employ a pool of officers who work in the absence of other officers. Get a free quote today!

Event Security Vancouver

Securiway Security Services can provide your guests with a safe and enjoyable experience at your event. To ensure safety and mitigate the risks, our event security guards are actively involved in the security planning and policy development process. All of our event security guard staff assigned to the event are well trained in effective communications, access control, crowd control, and emergency response.

We offer security solutions across a wide variety of industries.

Vancouver Security Services

Fire Watch Security

To protect against the risk of fire, Securiway Security services in Vancouver offers a fire watch security service that gives peace of mind to business owners when other systems fail.

We provide fire watch security services for various facilities in Vancouver, including apartment buildings, commercial buildings, construction sites & more.

Patrol Services

This service suits businesses that want to maintain a level of security and safety at their premises during the evening and weekends but do not have the requirement for a static security officer at all times. Our mobile patrol guard service is the cost-effective, efficient alternative to a static security guard.

Therefore, the Mobile Patrols serve not only as a deterrent but can also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems, for example, windows left open by staff or alarm malfunctions.

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