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Port Moody is a tiny city, ideal as a calm living space and a novelty spot for growing business industries. Despite the serenity, the security of any city is under constant threat. Securiway Security Services is originally located in Vancouver, but we provide our service in many other places, out of which Port Moody is a major point.

The best of the Port Moody security services is always with Securiway Security, diversely branched out towards many security service options. Fire watch security services, event security, concierge security and CCTV monitoring are some of the novelties we have among several other commons like a security guard and patrol services.

Our security services port moody is open to your negotiations. We can provide security individuals or patrols for Port Moody to meet the required quantity, quality and competence.

As the most reliable security company in Port Moody, the security guards we provide are well trained in their service and especially talented at adapting to the required situation.

Guard services come in a vast array of choices, where your request would be met either by one of our greatest security guards or by a security patrol if needed. Our on-call security guard service is the most convenient when it comes to abrupt emergencies.

Now with the best security guard services offered to Port Moody by Securiway Security in Surrey, your residence, worksite, business, and institute are not at risk anymore.

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Fire watch security is a rare service, but we at Securiway Security in Port Moody provide you with all kinds of security solutions. Being the leading security service company in BC, we have a diligent fire watch crew, cautious of any fire sign in your location.

Fire Watch Security

Construction Site Security Guard Port Moody

A construction site is incomplete with the absence of security guards because that is the only possible way you can manage your site without having to be there 24/7/.

Your site is now safeguarded with the most promising security company in Port Moody. We take care of maintaining peace at your construction site and protecting all your expensive equipment.

Loss Prevention Port Moody (Retail Security)

Loss prevention is essential in the retail business. As you are now a client of the most trusted loss prevention security guards in Port Moody, the retail business you do with so much effort would not run into loss because of shoplifters and burglars.

Our security guard service provides you with brave, non-disabled men who can envelop your retail business in a blanket of safety.


Hotel security is a specialized field; not every security company in Port Moody can do it. If you join Securiway Security services, the protection of your hotel will be taken over by special hotel security guards dressed in attractive attire yet very keenly attentive towards any illegal activity inside the hotel premises.

The hotel security officers are different from ordinary security guards, so you should contact Securiway security for that particular requirement.

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Security Monitoring and Event Security Guards Port Moody

The security of Port Moody is now enriched with the latest technological advancement with the service of Securiway Security. Our security company offers unmatched service in CCTV surveillance, providing you with the required security assistance with any of your safety problems. CCTV operators in Securiway are the best you can find in Port Moody.

When it comes to event security companies in Port Moody, Securiway Security has an unmatched staff. We meet all your event security needs in all instances when your event concerns a business issue, a social issue, or is just personal.

The event security squad we have would promise an uninterrupted function, dealing with any troublemaking coincidence.

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