Security Services in North Vancouver

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Securiway security service is the best security service provider in North Vancouver, offering an attractive array of security services for you to pick from. The prices are very affordable, and you can always request security guards on call. There are many security companies in North Vancouver, but Securiway Security has been trusted as the best.

Full-Service Security Provider

Security Services North Vancouver

Securiway security provides security guard and patrol services to clients in North Vancouver. We are the best security company in North Vancouver, always so flexible in our service. You will come across many security companies in North Vancouver; never will you find a company that provides all the security services combined like ours.

You might have a business, a hotel, a retail centre, a construction site or a house in North Vancouver and might be wondering which kind of a security service plan suits you the best. Worry no more because, with Securiway Security, you will have a huge collection of choices to pick from that will suit the size, scale and type of your business security requirement.

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We Provide Specialized Security Services For Business Owners

Top Security Guard Company in North Vancouver

Fire Watch North Vancouver

Staying alert to fire is a common thing to pay attention to, be it your special event or your special place. Out of the security companies in North Vancouver, we provide a complete fire watch to ensure the fire does not occur.

The Securiway security guards are trained for preventing and quickly extinguishing the fire. With the best security company in North Vancouver, worry no more about fire risks!

Event Security North Vancouver

An event is tough to organize and even harder to proceed without disturbances. Cover your event’s security requirement with Securiway Event Security Services.

Starting from birthday parties and family gatherings to business meetings and larger events, we provide event security guards and mobile patrols to ensure your event goes smoothly without interruptions.

Hotel Security Guards North Vancouver

Does your hotel need security? Needless to question, it does. Our North Vancouver security guards in Securiway Security are bound 24/7 to be at your service, assisting you in protecting your hotel/resort or restaurant.

Save all trouble of worrying about drug dealing, theft or forgery in your hotel. Securiway’s experienced hotel security guards will be alert every second.

Customized Security Services

Securiway Security is one of the leading security companies in North Vancouver, specializing in professional guard services to businesses, schools and other organizations.

Mobile Patrol North Vancouver

A mobile patrol is the most innovative way to secure your worksite because a mobile patrol consists of several patrolmen who will provide safety. Our patrol security services in North Vancouver can be chosen according to your preference. Securiway’s mobile patrol guards have been trained specially to move all over the worksite to check for trespassers and suspicious intruders.

Construction Site Security Guard North Vancouver

Are you the owner of a construction site in North Vancouver? Are you worried about your construction site being trespassed, robbed or used by unknown people? Worry no more, because our security company in North Vancouver will take care of it. We have construction site security guards, specially trained in handling worksite situations.

Concierge Security North Vancouver

Concierge security guards, conventionally known as janitors or caretakers, do a little more than merely providing security services. Concierge is all about being friendly to customers, helping them to move their luggage, receiving parcels and running on official errands.

If you own an apartment or a hotel, a concierge security guard should be there. Securiway Security provides the best concierge security service in the North Vancouver area.

Security Monitoring ( CCTV ) North Vancouver

This is the newest technological advancement mingled together with the best security company North Vancouver. CCTV is no longer a strange concept, but the chances of finding a reliable CCTV security monitoring team is very hard.

We have a team of the security monitoring that serve to give real-time location coverage in clear picture quality, and well-trained security guards to operate the CCTV desk. We provide CCTV security monitoring services to any location in North Vancouver, totally upon your requirement.

Security Guards Provider

Our security guards at Securiway Security provide the best security guard services in all of North Vancouver. Our guards are well behaved, dynamic, and committed to their job; therefore, your investment would not be just another waste of money. A security guard is a necessity to your house, minor-scale business, shop or your institute. We have on-call security guards, either an individual or in groups.

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Loss Prevention North Vancouver

Retail businesses know how difficult it is to prevent losses in trading. This is why they need assistance in doing this. Retail stores in North Vancouver do not have to bother about loss prevention anymore because Securiway Security provides retail security service.

Our loss prevention security guards will not let shoplifters inside the premises, and any unacceptable behaviour would be stopped immediately. Robbery happens with or without you being aware of it, but with Securiway’s security guards, you would know any attempt at robbery with detail before it happens. Soon enough, thieves would cease attempting to rob your retail business.

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