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Security companies in Vancouver provide various security services for customers ranging from multinational corporations high profile individuals to residential houses. Out of the many services, Fire Watch Security Guard services are specific as this form of service deals with fires and the threats such as robbery that can follow after a break of fire.

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Fires can occur anywhere if there are any means available that can create even the smallest spark of fire. Our Security company Vancouver provides fire watch security in a wide variety of places. These places can be commercial buildings including company offices, hotels, restaurants, banks and warehouses, or services such as hospitals, schools, post offices and railway stations. Other than these clients, construction sites, apartment buildings, factories, construction sites, and city neighbourhoods are places where fire watch security service can be obtained. Venues of exhibitions and concerts also might require fire watch service as these places are also prone to fires caused by factors ranging from cigarettes to current leaks.

How Fire Can Break Out

There are several ways a fire can break out. Natural fires can occur in forests in intensely warm weather, affecting houses and other buildings nearby. Most of the time, fires are started because of people’s carelessness. Someone might forget to put out the fire after having a bonfire night, and someone would drop their lit cigarette near an inflammable object like a pile of clothes, or someone might try to play a trick with some fireworks just for entertainment. Things like these are small unintended actions, but they can cause a fire that can cost immense property damage and even human lives. Current leaks can also cause fires inside buildings.

It is advised that the current circuits should be appropriately maintained by checking on them at least every two years. However, most people and companies do not follow this advice, and damaged current circuits can cause fires and even explosions. Some places are highly prone to fires as they contain inflammable products. Research laboratories, gas storage, stores selling gas, patrol sheds and factories producing flammable products are some places. Also, the kitchens of houses, hotels and restaurants are much liable to start fires inside the kitchens; most cooking happens using fire and electricity. Water damage can also cause fires. This might sound false, but water damages can cause electrical shorts in circuits can cause fires.

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To carry out particular tasks mentioned earlier, The security guards specializing in fire watch are undergone through specialized training during their training period. First, they are equipped with the essentials to be a security guard, and then they are also given training in:

Using various kinds of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting devices
How to safely evacuate inhabitants of a building when a fire breaks out
How to deal with locked doors and blocked staircases
How to protect the premises after putting out the fire
How to cooperate with fire department services and many other areas
Most of the fire security guards are also knowledgeable of the means of repairing elements of immediate needs such as making makeshift doors if needed and covering other places opened to the outside so that outsiders cannot enter the building.

Why a Fire Watch Security Guard Should be Hired?

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Most fire watch security guards are capable of fulfilling a typical security guard’s tasks, but they also have the training to be alert about and deal with fires and their consequences. Fire Watch security guards would mobile patrol the places they frequently work to check any potential issues. Also, in a situation of a fire, after they deal with the fire either by themselves by controlling it at the primary stage or with the help of a fire department group, they patrol the premises to secure the place and all the things inside from thieves and other threats.


It is evident that the fire watch security guard service is an important function that can be obtained from security companies. The damage done by an uncontrolled fire can be intense, and the fire watch service can eliminate the risk of these events occurring and also it can reduce the damage by controlling a fire at an early stage. Contact Securiway Security Company for affordable fire watch security guards.

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