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Professionals trust Securiway Security services as the most cost-efficient, sustainable security service company in Richmond. Our goal is to make your life more pleasant, easy and manageable. With the best security company, your safety and protection are not an issue anymore.

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Security Guard Services Richmond

Security companies are everywhere, but finding an excellent security company for your business or your personal living space is just as hard as building it in the first place. If your location is in Richmond, security is not a problem anymore. Securiway Security Services company in Surrey now provides security services in Richmond.

As the best security company in the Richmond area, Securiway Security is an experienced, all-inclusive service provider. We have the best security guard and patrol services delivered straight to your doorstep, all after one simple call. The only thing special is that we have many options to choose from, all of them specially designed to match and fit the type of your requirement.

Richmond, British Columbia is known for its favourable living standards and immense chances of business flourishing. Wherever in Richmond, you are stationed in, it is a necessary safety precaution to have a security guard. Securiway security guards have additional training on adapting to situations and coming to quick resolutions. This is a privilege you would not find in any of the other security companies in Richmond.

As the most sought security company in most areas in Surrey BC, we are proud to cater our security guard services to Richmond. Our on-call security guard services are what you need, whenever you are short of protection at your location. With Securiway Security, you can hand over the responsibility of safety to our professional security guards.

Fire Watch Security Services Richmond

You might need security guards to watch your door, but there are times when you regret not having tightened your fire security options. Securiway security company in Richmond has a talented, well-equipped fire watch security service for this. We set up precautions to prevent fires and alertly watch for all chances of fires occurring.

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Concierge Security Richmond

Concierge is a type of security service that associates door keeping and customer assistance. The concierge security guards are accustomed to the field of hotel and apartment security services.

Your hotel in Richmond could now be secured, and your customers are taken care of, both at once. SecuSecurity’s concierge security guards will attend to watching doors, taking responsibility for parcels and guiding customers when needed.

Security Monitoring ( CCTV ) Richmond

CCTV is the latest advancement in providing security services. We have the best CCTV operating systems and officers in Richmond. Your location would be covered by our high-tech monitoring equipment so that there would be no loopholes through which any illegal intruder could sneak.

However, with the most dynamic security service company on the Richmond border, this is not a problem anymore. Contact us to get the best security solution for your business.

Loss Prevention Richmond

Preventing losses is an essential part of securing your retail stocks. Retailers in Richmond are often worried about their business running on loss, but with Securiway security, there are smart solutions for prevention.

Appointing our security guard and monitoring services would improve the safety of your place by working as a blockage to theft, shoplifting and forgery.

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Hotel Security Guards and Mobile Patrol Services

Security services in Richmond are taken to another dimension with Securiways’s exclusive hotel security guard service. Hotel security is different from ordinary security guard service.

The former needs suitable hotel attire and well-trained mannerisms. If you own a hotel in Richmond, the first thing you should do is call Securiway Security and get the best hotel security guards’ service in the area.

Securiway’s mobile patrol security is the best available in Richmond. The mobile patrol guards are perfect options to try if your worksite, industrial site or business site is a bit of heavy work for you to manage alone.

You can request security patrols by placing a simple call, and the request security patrol would reach you in no time. We guarantee zero trespassing, zero theft and zero violence – as long as our mobile patrol service crew is onboard.

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