Security guards are crucial to every business. They can protect your premises and people from incidents and help ensure safety. However, you must ensure they have the skills and training needed to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Familiarizing yourself with the various security guard services available can aid you in choosing the right candidate.

What are the options?

Consider your company’s location, size, and budget when selecting security guard services for your business. Assess your security needs and evaluate whether your business operates in a high-crime area. This will help you decide what type of security personnel best suits your requirements:

All-around security guards

These professionals are SIA-licensed, fully trained, highly experienced, and security-checked. They are flexible and can deliver custom solutions to meet your security needs in any industry or organization, including financial, aged care, retail, industrial, education, government, commercial, medical, and recreation. Security agencies can dispatch temporary or permanent, uniformed security guards to one or multiple sites.

Mobile patrol

Mobile patrol security guard services can be crime deterrents on massive or multiple sites, vacant venues or buildings, warehouses, parking lots, and other settings. A team will patrol at specific or different intervals and times. Mobile patrols can also respond to incidents and alarms while minimizing disruption and maintaining order.

Construction site security

Site security guards will look after your project when your staff and workers are done for the day. Likewise, they can stay on-site during work hours to ensure everyone and everything is safe.

Concierge security

Concierge security guards services involve specialized, well-trained professionals that can help your business make the best first impression on your visitors. They are presentable and well-dressed to greet visitors, record information, and provide the necessary details to guests.

CCTV monitoring

Security guards can oversee and control your surveillance system to identify incidents as they occur. They are also ready to intercept issues to stop attempts of terrorism, theft, vandalism, and others.

Loss Prevention

Retail security guards can help reduce losses while ensuring a secure and safe environment. They can conduct a risk analysis of your business and introduce solutions to improve security.

Fire watch

Fire watch security guard services can provide you with experienced and well-trained professionals to deal with fires and any threat that can follow after an incident. They are especially important for commercial establishments, banks, warehouses, hotels, railway stations, post offices, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings.

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