Office security guards are responsible for protecting customers, staff, and your property. But their presence in the workplace offers additional advantages beyond ensuring safety and protection, making them valuable assets. The best ones are SIA-licensed, highly experienced, fully trained, and security checked to ensure the most reliable services and solutions for your business.

Duties and responsibilities

Security guards can perform various duties, including acting as a visual deterrent to discourage burglars and other wrongdoers from attempting to cause trouble or do harm. They are trained to react to assaults, robberies, and other incidents to help maintain law and order. As such, they can go a long way in keeping your office secure. But that’s not all. They can also provide the following services:


Security guards can be stationed at the entrance of your building to assist guests. They can direct visitors on where to go and provide information while being mindful of potential threats. This way, they are also protecting your office from unwanted visitors.

Observe and report

Observing and reporting are among the top responsibilities of office security guards. It’s their job to stay alert and vigilant, patrol areas, conduct security checks, and be observant of anything unusual. It’s also crucial for them to maintain situational awareness in case of an emergency or an incident, enabling them to determine the most appropriate response and accurately convey relevant information to emergency responders or law enforcement agencies.

Stay visible

The presence of security guards outside and inside your office can prevent anyone from doing something illegal or harmful. Being visible is a crucial duty, so they position themselves in high-traffic and public areas. Doing so also helps create a sense of safety.

Maintain order

Office security guards can enforce company laws, rules, policies, and safety precautions, control access, and monitor alarms and surveillance systems to maintain order in your office. They also manage emergencies to prevent chaos and panic. They are trained to have decisive leadership qualities and good communication skills while waiting for authorities or responders.

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