Fires can start accidentally, often when you least expect them. This is why it’s important to have a reliable fire watch security team on your premises. In addition to sophisticated fire alarms and prevention systems, specially trained and qualified security guards can help manage fire-related risks and dangers.

Fire watch guards are crucial to any business or property with potential fire risks, such as warehouses, banks, restaurants, hotels, post offices, hospitals, railway stations, and schools. They offer custom solutions for construction sites, neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, and factories. Fire watch security may also be necessary for concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and other special events with fire risks like gas leaks and cigarettes.

Here are more things you can expect from a fire watch team:

Protection from fire hazards

Fire watch specialists can help secure everyone on your premises. They can assess the property for fire hazards and help you identify and resolve issues before they cause fires. They can also help identify potential dangers and combustible materials.

Active monitoring and patrolling

Fire watch security guards will familiarize themselves with your property and its layout to effectively patrol and guard your premises. They provide round-the-clock protection and use technologies to help them track and identify any hazards. They are always alert and ready to respond to any incidents.

Support to your fire systems

Your property may have the best smoke and fire alarms and automatic sprinklers, but a professional fire watch team can provide further assistance by ensuring unobstructed fire exits. The guards can also check if your fire systems are working well. If a fire breaks out, they can direct people to the proper exits and deal with threats that could occur after a fire, such as looting.

Ensure safety compliance

Fire watch security guards are trained to patrol and monitor entire or specific areas of your property to verify the consistency of your security and safety measures. This way, you can ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and avoid hefty fines. Their services could reduce the risk of your business getting shut down because of a fire safety violation.

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