Do you run a business? Security should certainly take priority if you want to protect your property and your people. To ensure complete peace of mind, you will want to rely on one of the top security companies in Abbotsford. Don’t just settle for any company. With a reputable agency backing you up, you can rest easy knowing that experienced professionals are keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.

At Securiway, you know you are hiring highly qualified security guards that are SIA-licensed, police-checked, and experienced. You can count on them to keep your property safe at all times, especially during threatening situations.

Do you need more reasons to hire a security company in Abbotsford? Read on

Crime prevention

Security guards are visual deterrents that can make criminals think twice about committing a bad deed. The best security companies in Abbotsford will dispatch well-dressed and highly qualified professionals to your business to warn perpetrators that someone is ready to take action if they try to cause trouble.

Improve security

Even the best CCTV monitoring systems are not enough. You need highly-trained security guards as extra sets of ears and eyes in and around your premises. Just their presence alone can be beneficial in many ways, especially in preventing hostile situations. Plus, they can proactively watch your surroundings to detect unusual behaviours or events.

Better customer service

These days, security companies in Abbotsford are not only in charge of keeping you safe and secure. At Securiway, our security guards are also friendly faces who can greet and guide customers and help your business make the best first impression. We offer specialized services such as event and concierge security to help you deliver the best customer service.

Increase efficiency in handling issues

Our security guards are always alert and ready to take action when needed. They are also ready to call the authorities if they know they cannot handle the safety issue on their own.

Ready for emergencies

As one of the leading security companies in Abbotsford, we make sure our security guards are qualified and highly trained for emergencies. They can act as first responders during a fire or when someone needs medical attention.

Hire the best security company today

Convinced? Give us a call! Our team at Securiway Security Services is ready to customize security solutions for you.

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