A Fire Watch SecurityGuard plays a critical role in identifying potential fire hazards and taking preventive measures to avoid any mishaps. By hiring one, you can ensure that someone is actively monitoring and safeguarding their premises against potential fire threats.

Fire watch security is especially important in construction sites and warehouses where the risk of fire hazards is high. You can also hire them as an extra precaution for any building or site, particularly when the alarm system is undergoing repair, malfunctioning, or when hazardous equipment is present that could potentially start a fire and endanger people.

What can Fire Watch Security Guards do for you?

In situations with problems like a broken fire alarm, our Fire Watch Security Guard will be mobile and ensure your property and employees are accounted for and protected until repairs are done. Fire watch guards can also do the following:

  • Patrol your building or premises regularly
  • Watch out for fire hazards and identify potential issues that might cause a fire
  • Record every shift or patrol to keep tabs on relevant details on fire hazards
  • Check all fire safety equipment
  • Take action in case of a fire to reduce damage and protect the property’s occupants
  • Contact the fire department when necessary

You can count on Securiway’s highly trained and experienced Fire Watch Security Guard to be always alert to identify potential hazards to save lives, ensure employee safety, and reduce property loss and damage.

Minimize your liability

Hiring fire watch security is worth considering to reduce liability. With our service, you can abide by government regulations to increase work safety in places like construction sites.

Get affordable fire watch services

Securiway can provide a fully trained and licensed fire watch security guard at a reasonable cost. Contact us so we can figure out your needs and dispatch the right experts to your site.

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