As a business owner, it’s normal to have concerns about the safety and security of your premises. You never know when theft, assault, and other crimes can happen, and they usually occur when you least expect them. The threat is even higher in businesses like banks, retail establishments, and convenience stores, which are more prone to being targeted by criminals. The good news is that you can always take preventative measures and hire a company security officer to help maintain security and deter crime.

If you need one, look no further than Securiway. We will assign the most qualified and dependable security guards who can do more than just prevent criminal activity. By choosing us, you can feel safe knowing you have dedicated security guards who can assist your employees and customers and ensure that everyone feels safe and secure on your premises.

Do you need one?

You might think that a company security officer is an unnecessary expense, especially for a small business. But it should be essential if you’re serious about protecting your business, employees, and customers. If you need more convincing, here are some ways that our security guards can help your company:

Improve overall security

A guard’s presence can give everyone on your premises some peace of mind knowing someone is ready to protect and keep them safe when trouble arises. Employees in high-risk businesses can be more productive when they don’t have to worry about their security, and your customers can be assured that you care about their safety.

Crime prevention

Perpetrators might want to think twice about targeting your business when they see a company security officer on site. Securiway’s professional security guards are fully trained to observe suspicious activities, assess the situation, and take immediate action when necessary. They are also trained to monitor your CCTV surveillance, restrict access to certain areas, and check people’s credentials.

Better customer service

Did you know that security officers can also be your front-liners to greet guests and customers? They can help your staff direct or escort people and register visitors before permitting them to enter your premises.

We’ll keep you company and safe!

We hope we have convinced you to hire a company security officer. If you’re interested, our team at Securiway is ready to listen to your requirements and dispatch the most qualified guards to your premises.

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