Do you have a warehouse, construction site, or residential building? Even the most sophisticated CCTV monitoring systems won’t be enough to keep it safe and secure. Instead of simply assigning guards at entry and exit points, we recommend mobile security patrols to enhance the security of your premises.

At Securiway, you’ll find the most qualified mobile patrol teams who will take random and scheduled routes around your property while looking out for suspicious activities. Because they’re not stationed in one location, they can be more effective at finding potential threats lurking around and taking immediate action when necessary.

It’s time to increase your property’s security.

Hiring mobile security patrols will elevate the safety and security of your property against criminal activities like vandalism, theft, and trespassing. And when you work with a leading security company like Securiway, you can get a more affordable solution to your security concerns and issues.

Our mobile security patrol will serve as a visual deterrent to make perpetrators think twice about committing illegal activities on your property. Our goal is to reduce incidents of theft, loss, vandalism, damage, assault, and many others that can harm your employees, tenants, guests, and your reputation.

Get all-around security and safety.

With criminals getting bolder each day, it’s time you take precautionary measures to stay ahead of them. Hiring mobile security patrols is a great way to do that. At Securiway, we will take the time to assess your needs and assign the most qualified, SIA-licensed, highly trained, and experienced security guards to roam around and protect your premises. Our professionals may use patrol vehicles to cover larger areas and watch for criminal behaviours or suspicious activities.

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Our mobile patrol guards are unlike stationed security guards. They are always on the move to look out for suspicious incidents and behaviours. Plus, they are qualified for other duties, such as fire watch and physical inspections of doors, windows, and assets to maintain security.

Hire the best mobile patrol today.

Contact us at Securiway, and we will provide the best mobile security patrols that will suit your budget and needs. Our company dispatches mobile security guards for a wide range of purposes, including factories, car parks, warehouses, vacant properties, and businesses with multiple sites.

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