If you run a commercial building, it’s a good idea to hire concierge security to monitor employees and visitors who are entering and leaving the premises. Concierge security personnel are stationed at the reception or entrance, and their goal is to ensure that the building’s security is maintained and managed effectively.

Concierge security services provide the combined benefits of having professional security guards and front desk assistance. Because they are stationed at the reception, they are well-dressed and look presentable to make a good impression on visitors. The security guards are specially trained to have good communication and people skills. Their tasks can be tailored to your requirements and may include greeting and welcoming visitors, recording guest details, and providing directions or guidance.

Do you need them?

Concierge security services are common in hotels, apartment buildings, offices, and hospitals. Even if you already have security guards, a capable concierge team can expand your overall security network to ensure the highest protection. They can watch out for unwanted visitors that may threaten your business and perform other duties such as foot patrols, surveillance, and parking lot inspections.

With proper training, these types of security guards can also double as concierges. They will courteously deal with your customers and ensure that every guest leaves your premises with a good impression of your brand. They are also ready to protect your property against incidents and take action if they notice suspicious persons or activities taking place in your building. As such, having concierge security at your front lines ensures your office building is protected and safe.

Professional security agencies carefully train and guide their security guards to be vigilant and smart when serving as your concierge. You can trust them to represent your organization well and leave a memorable impression on your guests.

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