Many individuals see the winter holidays as a time to relax and be with loved ones, while criminals use it as an opportunity to break into businesses and commit theft. Here are five-holiday security tips to help companies to protect themselves from thieves during the holiday season.

1. Double Check Surveillance Cameras

Intrusion alarm systems only work properly if you ensure all their components work as intended. For example, check your video surveillance cameras to see whether the images they capture will be usable should thieves target your commercial property.

Reposition your video surveillance cameras in Lead up to the holiday season. If you have an issue with your CCTV system, call a security professional to come and take a look.

And contact one of the leading Vancouver security companies to monitor your CCTV system. This is one of the top holiday security tips that professional security companies provide.

2. Check for Obstructions

If you own a commercial business and plan to decorate for the holidays, be sure that your displays are clear of your security systems. This is another helpful holiday security tip you can implement to improve your commercial business security during the holiday season.

If anything blocks your surveillance cameras or motion sensors, it could cause false alarms or allow thieves to break into your property and compromise your system.

3. Update Notification List

Remember to update your emergency contact list with your security system service provider as the holidays approach. That way, they’ll know who to call if something happens while you’re away. Here is one of the important holiday security tips for commercial businesses.

Make sure to send your updated holiday list to your commercial security service provider, and let them know if and when you want to return to receive regular notifications.

4. Monitor Live Feed

The holiday season is the perfect time to utilize your video surveillance system with increased monitoring. This can be done through an app on your phone or by enlisting the help of a security monitoring provider who can remotely watch the feed and verify any intrusion alarms.

Enhanced security monitoring can be one of the holiday security tips that can be used to protect your business during this holiday season.

5. Encourage Employee Vigilance

This holiday season, encourage your employees to be more alert and vigilant. Remind them to report any suspicious activity they see or hear and to stay aware of their surroundings at all times.

By implementing these holiday security tips, you can keep your commercial property and employees safe during the holiday season.

Although you should enjoy the holiday season, don’t let your guard down. If anything, be more vigilant as criminals see this time of year as an opportunity to prey on commercial businesses.

By following the above holiday security tips above and ensuring your intrusion alarm system and CCTV surveillance system are running smoothly, you can help keep your commercial property safe this holiday season.

Holiday Security TipsBuilding Security Tips for the Holiday Season

Security risks are significantly higher during the holiday seasons for high-rise buildings. The reason is many residents travel more often. Some move to warmer weather climates and others have an influx of guests and family members constantly coming in and out.

Because of these various factors, it is easy for uninvited guests to enter the building without being noticed, especially if there are no procedures in place to keep track of all the people and deliveries coming in and out.

Keep your building secure this holiday season by following these holiday security tips:

  • Immediately report any lock malfunctions on exterior doors to the strata manager. Building security is very important and should be handled as an emergency. If you think building security has been compromised, don’t hesitate to call management after-hours. If it is a matter that involves police intervention, call 911 first.
  • Ensuring common areas in your building are well-cared for makes them safer. Good lighting, cleanliness, and security will help keep criminals away.
  • Always check the peephole before opening your door, even if you’re expecting someone. Not doing so could result in serious trouble.
  • Any windows that can be reached from the ground should have good locks and possibly metal bars, too, depending on where you live.
  • Using a light timer when away on vacation makes your home look occupied.
  • If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period, let management know in advance so they can keep an eye on your unit.
  • Be sure to close doors firmly behind you when entering and exiting the building. This will help keep strangers out. If you’re using an automatic door, wait until it closes completely before moving on.
  • If you notice something out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it. Report it to your building security services provider or your strata manager immediately.
  • Your strata’s concierge services should store packages in a locked, secure area. The holiday season brings an influx of packages, and having procedures for checking each package in and out will help reduce losses.

The above holiday security tips can save your property as well as your belongings. Therefore, be extra cautious while enjoying it with your family during this holiday season.

If you are concerned about your building security, contact Securiway Security Services Vancouver today to get a free quote. We offer various and tailored holiday security services for residential and commercial buildings.

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