A concierge security service provides a combination of hospitality and security services, offering a range of safety measures, including access control, surveillance, and emergency response. With concierge security, you can trust that your property is being monitored and protected 24/7, allowing your guests to feel safe and secure while they are on your premises. Additionally, a professional concierge security team can help prevent incidents before they occur, minimizing the potential for liability and damage to your business reputation.

Understanding concierge security

Along with performing traditional receptionist duties, concierge security personnel are also well-groomed and professional security guards who can enhance your business’s image and make a positive impression on guests.

At Securiway, we provide well-trained and SIA-licensed security guards with people skills. They are qualified to greet and guide your visitors and record their details in a logbook. These are courteous professionals who can leave a good impression on guests who come into your premises. But their duties don’t end there. Our concierge security will also protect your property against suspicious people and any unwanted incidents that could endanger your employees, guests, and tenants.

Why do you need it?

We highly recommend hiring concierge security for the following reasons:

Enhance your building security

You might already have security guards, but taking added precautions is better to keep everyone safe. Ensure the safety of your building and its occupants by hiring qualified security guards as part of your concierge service. Our skilled team can secure entrances, patrol premises, observe CCTV footage, and oversee parking lots for any suspicious activity. Should anyone slip past the entrance checkpoint, our staff is ready to verify identities quickly and securely.

Keep employees safe

Our security guards are friendly faces that can assure your employees that they are safe inside your building.

Receive guests professionally

Our concierge security can help with building administration by signing and receiving packages. Plus, they can receive and direct your guests professionally, so people know where to go when they visit you.

Hire the best security team today

Get first-class concierge security services from Securiway. Contact us today, so we can assess your requirements and dispatch the most qualified security guards who will enhance your security with a smile.

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