The duties of security guards are similar all over the world: to preserve property by being on the lookout for any signs of danger and responding accordingly.

Although daily duties may appear mundane, they provide us with stability that many other employment opportunities lack.

The Types of Security Guards

Security officers who work for government agencies, private companies, and in-house security departments can be armed or unarmed and wear uniforms or plain clothes. These skilled professionals are employed at various locations from the wild gamut of workplaces.

There are many distinct types of security guards, each with different duties. Please continue reading to learn more about the distinctions between them.

Government Contract Security Guards

Security guards employed by the Canadian government are almost always armed and highly trained. Their responsibilities include maintaining order, safeguarding employees and assets, and protecting against security breaches. Some of the tasks performed by this personnel include:

  • Courthouses
  • Centers of Military Operation
  • The Police Force
  • Postal Service
  • Dept. of Homeland Security

In-House Security Guards

Proprietary security, also known as in-house security guards, are professional protectors employed directly by the businesses that require their services. An agency doesn’t contract them; instead, they’re hired and compensated directly by their employer, who must uphold certain standards.

Due to the great number of possibilities, proprietary security guards are in high demand. Many sectors, for example, need on-site or travelling security guards to guarantee protection. These enterprises include:

  • Armoured Car Guards
  • Bank Security
  • Hospital and Medical Center Security
  • TSA Officers
  • Cruise Ship Security
  • Residential Protection
  • Information Security
  • Hotel and Resort Safety and Security
  • Nightclub Bouncers
  • Testing and Manufacturing Security
  • Warehouses
  • Museums
  • And more

Contract Security Guards

Most people are familiar with the types of security guards who work for a private contracting agency. Clients approach these agencies when they need security, and then the agency provides the client with whatever type of guard best fits their interests from among the options below.

Some businesses also provide the choice of having their own security personnel. Many prefer to use a local security firm rather than be done internally.

The Types of Security Guards

Private Security Guard Options

Businesses may hire a private security firm in a variety of ways. The majority of security firms will provide the following security services:

  • Armed Security Officers

Wielding firearms and other harmful weapons, armed guards are often present during high-stakes conflicts or when the property is at risk.

Many armed guards are retired military personnel or former law enforcement officers. Their extensive experience in handling firearms and managing violent situations makes them the perfect candidates for armed security positions.

The most rigorous standards for armed security guards are set by their employers. In addition to mandated firearms training, these types of security guards must receive additional security education.

Armed security personnel may be found in various businesses, including construction sites, music concerts, conferences, and other events.

  • Unarmed Security Officers

Most private security work is carried out by unarmed guards, who are just as vital as armed guards in the long run. In the end, most individuals will require unarmed security more often than not.

Unarmed security guards typically have little to fear in terms of danger on the job, and they can be perfect for certain positions. Unarmed security guards are often responsible for work duties, including but not limited to surveillance, patrolling, entry control, policy enforcement, and general crime deterrent.

  • Personal Protection Officers

The main responsibility of a bodyguard is to protect the person who employs them. Personal protection officers, often called dignitary and executive protection, are security staff hired to look after one individual. These agents usually carry weapons and have had professional training. Their duty is to safeguard prominent people like celebrities and politicians from harm.

  • Remote Video Surveillance Agents 

Specialized remote video surveillance agents are process-oriented experts with split-second decision-making and detail orientation. They not only understand their assigned location inside and out but can also detect subtle modifications immediately. They act as extra eyes on the scene by monitoring security footage.

Video surveillance is an important element of effective security systems. Surveillance system monitoring agents may operate in low-threat zones, but their attention to detail and ability to notice, communicate, and act swiftly and appropriately must be exceptional.

Are you looking for a security guard? 

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