Why Do You Need A Concierge Security Guards / Front Desk Security Officer?

Usually, when we think of the word “concierge,” we think of the person who sits at the front desk of a hotel. Interestingly, apartment buildings are the ones that make the most use of concierges to keep track of who goes in and out of the building. Concierges can also be found in office buildings.

Concierge security guards have a unique job. They are specially trained professionals, and they are responsible for two primary roles: ensuring the protection of the premises and extending hospitality to the occupants and guests. 

They are expected to provide customer service on the premises they are assigned to and safeguard the premises from any danger. If you hire a front desk security agent, you will be getting these two-fold advantages that will make sure that your building is safe and hospitable at the same time.

What Does A Concierge Do?

Concierges security guards have a multitude of tasks to ensure that all the building occupants are safe and happy. These are some of the roles they are expected to fulfill:

  • They welcome visitors and check them into the building.
  • They ensure that only authorized parties can enter the building.
  • They overlook operational procedures.
  • They watch over the areas assigned to them.
  • They keep the building safe from thieves, fires, and other dangers.
  • They provide customer service.
  • If there are any unusual or dangerous incidents, they write accident reports.
  • They reply to calls for help
  • They check baggage going into the building.

What Makes Their Job Special?

Concierge security guards genuinely have a unique job. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of many people, and they have a lot of areas to watch over. A concierge needs to be someone who can be patient and is good at multitasking.

Because of the unique nature of the job, concierges are unfortunately the ones who have to face the displeasure of guests, particularly unwelcome ones. Concierge security guards control who has access to the building, and enforcing these rules can lead to ill-will being directed towards them. 

This can even escalate to physical and verbal altercations. Front desk security guards are given special training to help them handle difficult situations like these.

Having a Concierge security guard will let you have peace of mind because the guard will closely monitor and control the entry and exit of the occupants and keep unauthorized parties out of the building. 

Concierge Security Guards

They will also take care of the property and handle emergencies like fires and disagreements between occupants. At the same time, they will make sure that your guests feel welcome and provide customer service at all times of the day.

These officers can provide security by conducting a roving patrol or standing still. They can help with security during special events and even manage traffic around the building. They can escort people safely, do custodial transfers, and keep an eye on potential threats to the residents’ peace.

Where Do We Find Concierge Security Guards?

Front desk security guards are usually dressed a lot more formally than your conventional security guard. They tend to wear a suit and tie instead of a uniform so as not to seem too imposing when greeting new visitors and avoid making residents uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, if you would like your Concierge security guards to really look intimidating, to deter any misbehaviour in visitors, he can remain in full security guard attire. 

A lot of places have front desk security guards, as seen below:

  • Retail properties
  • Businesses
  • Parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Residential communities
  • Sports complex
  • Government property
  • Cultural hotspots
  • Religious places

Hire A Front Desk Security Guard

Whether you own a small building or a large complex, hiring a concierge is something that will be truly advantageous because you will be making sure that everything and everyone on the property is kept safe. In addition, you also get a friendly and efficient front desk agent to make your guests feel welcome. 

When you have a front desk security guard, your building will have around-the-clock security, which will deter any robbers or vandals from trying to break in. In addition, your Concierge security guards will quickly and quietly deal with minor scuffles between unruly guests or occupants.

Having a concierge will also help the outlook of your property. Potential renters are more likely to rent an apartment in a place with 24/7 security than in a place where no one is monitoring the security requirements. So, hire Concierge security guards today and ensure the safety and satisfaction of all your guests!

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