Not taking good consideration of a commercial security in Vancouver can cause a lot of issues, and maybe pave the way to the eventual collapse of your business. Even if the responsibility of safeguarding the commercial property you own is simply up to you, there’s no way you can do it by yourself, or by hiring random people as security guards. A professional Vancouver security service provider is capable of ensuring security, monitoring activity and providing concierge services when and where you need them.

Instead of hiring the first Vancouver security company you come across, explore these important tips on how to make the most out of your commercial security policy.

Security Guard Services To Commercial Security

Security guards on your commercial property are probably the most traditional, yet most effective way of strengthening the security shield around you, your employees and your property. Even though security guard services in Vancouver are recommended for businesses of any size, the necessity of guard services is undeniable if your business is quite large with a considerable amount of people visiting each day. Also, your commercial site definitely has tangible or virtual valuables in it, starting from equipment to product/service records.

Security guard services Vancouver can ensure that everything you need to protect your site will always be protected. The security guards will make your employees feel secure in their workplace, and the mere presence of a security team will also discourage the actions of potential thieves, trespassers and other troublemakers.

In addition to taking action when an alarm goes off, a suspicious incident happens, and unauthorized activity takes place; security guards can also provide great assistance for your customers. Once a customer enters your premises, a security guard is possibly the first person he/she meets. Giving directions, answering customer inquiries and providing basic guidance are included in a security guard’s list of duties.

Security Patrol Services

Mobile patrol security is a great option if you have a larger site, and do not have security guards through all 24 hours a day. A mobile patrol will effectively manage and supervise the security guard system of a commercial property. Additionally, it is your Vancouver mobile patrol security that will respond to alarm triggers and other emergencies as such.

Parking Enforcement Services

It is always a challenge to deal with unauthorized parking issues on your commercial premises. With a parking reinforcement mobile patrol service with our Vancouver security services, you can be 100% sure of handling every parking situation with ease. There are several problematic areas a Vancouver parking enforcement service will cover.

Violating private property parking rules by parking without a permit
Parking in a non-designated space without a permit
Parking in fire routes
Using a disabled space to park without a disabled parking permit

Access Control Services For Commercial Security

Access control simply means the manipulation of access to your commercial property. In addition to stationing security guards to keep track of visitors and customers, you can use the latest technology to control access. From good old-fashioned safety locks and doors to key cards and fingerprint and face recognition software; access control can be done in many ways. Manual systems and automated systems for access control both work based on the situation; and some of the benefits of using an access control system for your commercial property in Vancouver are as follows.

A professional workplace with a stable sense of security
Discourages thieves and criminals
Protects valuable information and assets

Alarm Systems for Commercial Security of  Properties

One of the most important concerns about any commercial building or site is the potential fires risks and emergency situations that require immediate attention. With the help of a reliable provider of security services Vancouver, you can install an accurate alarm system that will always keep you alerted about the potential risks. The alarm response can then be taken care of by your security guards and mobile patrols, who will take the initial actions to deal with the situation.

Custom Security Services

However tempting these security services may sound, it is simply ineffective to hire a security service that will not suit the kind of requirement you have. If you own a cafe in the hubbub of the city, there is no point in hiring a mobile patrol as your choice of security!

This is why it is always important to choose a Vancouver security company like us; that will customize the security services to meet your specific requirements. We combine security, concierge, alarm response, access control and security monitoring services to come up with a final security plan that would suit your commercial property just fine. Apart from that, our Vancouver security service team is ready to include risk management, fire control, event security management, loss prevention and many other services you will find helpful.

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