When inventory is stolen or goes missing in a warehouse, it can be costly and cause significant problems. According to data from Pride Transport, “Cargo theft is a $15 to $30 billion a year problem” that could be higher because much of it still goes unreported.

What role does warehouse security play in preventing cargo theft/loss? How can you build a secure warehouse? What warehouse security measures do you need in your company?

The Importance of Warehouse Security Measures

If you think your cargo or inventory is safe simply because it’s stored in a warehouse, think again. According to Loss Prevention Media (LPM), even warehouses aren’t exempt from theft. For example, on Labor Day 2018 alone, multiple warehouses across the USA were broken into and had large sums of money stolen- such as $5.7 million worth of cell phones from one in Delaware or $1.5 million in equipment taken from another in California.

Since a lack of warehouse security makes it easy for thieves to steal products and make money, no eCommerce business is safe from theft. If customers are willing to buy the product, then it has a value that thieves can take advantage of.

You might be thinking: “What if I’m not in charge of a warehouse? Do I still need to worry about security?” The answer is yes. Because it affects your goods, the security at a third-party logistics provider’s warehouse/distribution center is still very much an issue.

Protecting the Facility Inside and Out

It’s critical to safeguard a warehouse both inside and outside. External-facing warehouse security systems, also known as perimeter security, are employed to protect access points, parking lots, and the property line.

These external warehouse security measures are beneficial in preventing theft. They do this by keeping thieves out of the warehouse and making it seem not worth their time to steal from the store.

Internal warehouse security measures assist in detecting thieves who gain entry to external warehouse security systems or employees who abuse their privileges to steal goods from the warehouse. Instead of prevention and intimidation, internal security measures typically concentrate on restricting access or gathering evidence to help investigators identify criminals after the fact.

Having layered warehouse security measures is critical inside and outside the facility. After all, as stated by Study.com, in a warehouse: “people are bringing things in and out regularly, and some of those people may not be your employees. There are probably multiple entrances and exits, and they might not all be guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Because there are so many entry points and exits in a warehouse, coupled with the presence of non-warehouse personnel, it’s all too easy for a thief to get inside unnoticed. This is why both internal and external warehouse security measures are required.

8 Types of Warehouse Security Measures

Many warehouse security measures can be taken to create a high-security warehouse. Some examples of helpful warehouse security tools include:

  • Warehouse Security Cameras. A security camera system can be a great way to deter thieves and gather evidence if they do steal something. Modern systems can collect high-definition footage and upload it to an offsite server, making it easier to identify thieves and preserve the evidence if they tamper with the cameras or onsite recording stations. 
  • Warehouse Lighting. Many people might not consider lighting when thinking of warehouse security, but it is essential. Poorly lit warehouses present many dangers: thieves have an easier time going unnoticed, and employees or security guards can easily trip and hurt themselves. Furthermore, good lighting is essential to preventing theft and other accidents on the premises.
  • Alarm Systems. Alarm systems can be a valuable tool for deterring theft attempts, minimizing the number of goods stolen by robbers, and alerting corporate security or law enforcement to stop thieves from fleeing. Knowing that an alarm keeps offenders on a tight time limit, ensuring that they don’t steal as much (or dissuade them from attempting). Getting an alert about a silent alarm notifies security and police quickly so they can detain thieves before they depart with valuables.
  • Security Patrols. Do the warehouse employees have security personnel onsite to assist deter criminals? Do they walk the grounds to ensure no intruders hide in hidden camera blind spots? Mobile security patrols policing the premises can severely limit casual robbers and squatters, reducing theft risks.
  • Access Control Systems and Security Cages. How is high-value stuff kept safe in the warehouse? How can access to these goods be limited? Security cages and access control systems make it more difficult for robbers to get at expensive items, resulting in a high-security warehouse environment that lowers theft risks.
  • Inventory Tracking. How do you track inventory in your warehouse? How often do you check for missing products? Inventory tracking solutions are vital for ensuring that inventory shrinkage can be identified quickly (and that inventory reports in your eCommerce store are accurate). Loss prevention security dictates that keeping track of inventory is a basic necessity.
  • Entryway Security Doors. How easily could a thief bypass the entry doors into the warehouse? If the locks or doors are weak, thieves would be able to get inside quickly and have free reign over the contents. More substantial doorways will delay them and make it more likely that they’ll either get caught or give up before getting in.
  • Window Security. Are there any ground-level windows that thieves can easily enter the warehouse? Or are they high up and protected against break-in and entry? To discourage attempts, consider installing stronger warehouse security measures such as reinforced glass, window locking devices, or even steel bars/window coverings.

Warehouse Security Services

These are only a handful of the items you may put in your warehouse to deter potential thieves. While no security system is guaranteed 100% secure, employing all these techniques helps build a highly secure warehouse that lowers risks and protects your goods better.

If you are looking for warehouse security services in Vancouver, contact Securiway Security Services today.

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