If you are a retail store owner, the chances are that you have had some close experience with retail theft and you might be in a huge need of retail store security. Hence, the following are a few tips about retail theft that you can benefit from.

Tips To Follow For The Retail Store Security

Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are a good deterrent for retail thefts. This is because the perpetrators usually avoid places monitored through CCTV cameras since the probability of getting caught is high. Moreover, those involved in retail theft are usually repeat-offenders and they are aware that they can be easily identified because their details are already in the system. Hence, investing in both internal and external CCTV cameras can be very beneficial in discouraging break-ins.

Install Alarm Sensors To Improve Retail Store Security

If you are concerned about the safety of your stores during the after hours, you can consider installing alarm sensors. If the alarms detect any breaches within the premises, they will send an immediate alert to the Vancouver security company. Then the security company will respond immediately by dispatching a patrol to secure the premises.
In some advanced systems, alerts can be sent to both the nearest police station and the security company for faster response.

Use Signages

Signages displayed along your premises can be a good threat prevention mechanism. These signages can contain very simple warnings such as mentioning the presence of 24/7 CCTV cameras, alarm sensors, or on-site security personnel. This is a very cost-effective mechanism since such signages can be created at cheap prices.

Leave The Empty Cash Register To Be Seen

Though it may look like a horrible idea at a glance, this is actually a very creative way of preventing theft if your store is located on the roadside. Once you are done for the day, you can empty your cash registers and leave them on display on a counter so that those passing by will see that it is empty. Thus, thieves would consider it useless to attempt robbery since the cash register is already emptied.

Remove Items On Display

If you own a store that sells expensive items such as jewelry, do not leave any display items on the show once your business is closed for the day. More often than not, random thefts occur due to people being tempted by what they see. Thus, avoid unconsciously tempting them to rob your store.

Avoid Leaving Merchandise On Display In Kiosks

People ordinarily see kiosks as an easy target for robbery since they have an open nature. Because of this, make certain that you always lock away your store items or remove them from the kiosk after business hours. Else, those passing by can be tempted to break into your kiosk.

Check And Recheck Your Locks And Shutters

Over time shutting down our stores for the day becomes a habit. Hence, we tend to overlook the little things when it comes to locks and shutters. Nevertheless, once you are done for the day always lock and then recheck the locks to make sure that your store is properly secured. After all, there may be people loitering around waiting for the opportunity to make a move without you noticing.

Furthermore, in case you have an issue with your lock, get it fixed as fast as possible. Make sure that an employee is always on-site until your locksmith gets it repaired. If you cannot get it done within the day, hire a Vancouver security company to guard your store till it is all taken care of. Despite the expenses, at the end of the day, you still might be spending a lot less than what you would have lost if you were robbed.

Hire Extra Staff When Needed

Do not hesitate to hire extra staff during peak times. It may be hard for your employees to handle large crowds and if they are overworked the chances are that they will be tired to stay vigilant. Thus, this will create opportunities for shoplifters to rob you in daylight.

Hire Retail Store Security Guards

There are many reputed Vancouver security companies that offer the services of expert retail store security guards. Although they may sound expensive initially, in the long run, they may be able to prevent a lot of theft and losses that you would have faced otherwise. Thus, hiring Vancouver security guards to guard your premises on shifts or full time, can be very beneficial to your store.

Retail Store Security: Report Any Incidents To The Police

Do not forget to report any suspicious activities to your local police. Irrespective of the size of the issue, it is always better to keep them informed since they can help you carry out your store activities smoothly while ensuring safety.

Thus, if you are a retail store owner, do make sure that your store is secure at all times. If you are concerned you can drop in at a Vancouver security company for any clarifications on how you can improve the safety of your stores.

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