Security For Cannabis Industry?

The potential for cannabis growth has soared more and more swiftly as 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada have now legalized its recreational use.

The cannabis market has been expanding at a rate of 20% to 30% each year, and it is anticipated to be worth more than $50 billion by the end of 2022.

With all the growth of the cannabis sector, it’s critical to remember that if you operate a cannabis business, you must be more vigilant. You’ll need to engage a certified security guard company to safeguard your products, discourage theft, and ensure compliance with local rules.

If you operate a cannabis company, you are responsible for following local laws and safeguarding your products from theft.

As a result, hiring a certified security firm can help you avoid theft and safeguard your goods. The cannabis and security industries are inextricably linked since one cannot function without the other. This blog article will examine why security is essential for the cannabis business.

The Importance of Security in the Cannabis Market

The high demand for cannabis explains the need for enhanced protection. Certified security services are more than simply a precautionary measure; they will also improve your company’s earnings.

According to a poll, one in two cannabis shops is targeted, with losses totalling up to $50,000 for each store theft. Furthermore, 17% of dispensaries have been robbed over the last year. These numbers themselves demonstrate why security is so important for the cannabis industry.

The monetary ramifications are not the only incentive for increased protection, as marijuana was previously considered an illegal substance; thus, the government is deeply involved in its regulation. As a result, you’ll notice that dispensaries and cultivation centers require more than simply standard security measures from the government.

Before a business may operate, it must meet several criteria. All of these criteria are frequently verified before businesses can begin operations. So, if you operate a cannabis company, ensure you employ a certified security guard service; such firms have experts ensuring that all local requirements are satisfied.

Physical Security Measures Guide For Cannabis

Several security procedures are in place at retail stores and cannabis dispensaries. Cams are installed all over the shop, with one staring constantly at the cash register.

The state is responsible for the majority of security measures. Here are some cannabis security procedures to consider if you wish to run an efficient business:

  • Cannabis enterprises require a tight access control system for their premises; all entry and exit points to the business or growth facility should be under constant surveillance.
  • Areas like the growth facility and exit/entry points should be checked regularly.
  • Secure and safe storage areas are necessary for your cannabis firm’s success. With 24 hours video surveillance, the storage areas of your establishment must be secure and safe.
  • Everyone should be able to understand and follow the security procedures at every site. This implies that you should record everyone entering and leaving your facility.

Cannabis Industry in BC

Security For Cannabis Dispensaries

You risk losing your license if you operate a cannabis business and do not follow security guidelines.

If you don’t follow all of the security standards, your license to sell marijuana may be revoked in a matter of minutes.

In the worst-case scenario, if you violate any of these regulations, the regulatory authorities may impose additional penalties on your business. Depending on the infraction, you might be fined financially or sentenced to jail time for having ineffective security measures.

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