Your most important investment is under attack when you don’t have a security guard. They claim that you can’t truly appreciate the benefits of employing a security guard until you’ve had to deal with one of those situations. Apart from defending your property against burglars and break-ins, a security guard may boost the value of your home by demonstrating that it’s safe.

If you’re considering hiring a security firm to keep your facility safe, you’re on the correct road. We’ve created a resources page to help you understand the cost and advantages of employing a building security business. Continue reading for further information.

Average Cost Of A Security Guard

Security guards are trained to deal with situations that would terrify or fluster the average person. However, their services have a price tag. Most security firms charge an hourly fee for each on-site security guard. If you’re looking for condo building security, you’ll probably pay around $1,000 monthly.

Consider things like your company’s location and whether the security guards are armed. Business overhead and fuel costs may apply if you have guards stationed at a patrol station or on specific vehicles. You’ll also note that more experienced security businesses charge more than those who are new to the industry.

The cost to employ a building security firm varies based on several factors, including:

The Number of on-site Security Guards

The circumstances determine the number of security guards needed at each patrol. Because there is a lot of traffic coming in and out of a huge building with 60 to 80 apartments, for example, numerous security guards on protecting may be required. On the other hand, a smaller facility with 20 to 30 units will suffice with just a few guards. Consider the crime rate in your area and the demands of your structure when determining how many security guards are needed at each checkpoint.

Remember that each security guard is paid per hour, so the more guards you have on duty at once, the more you’ll have to pay at the end of the month.

The Number of Hours On-site

The majority of security firms charge by the hour. This implies that you’ll be charged more for each additional hour your guards are on duty at your gates or patrolling your property.

Security Guards Hourly Wage

The amount a security guard is paid varies depending on various things. For example, an armed security guard with police or military experience will charge more than an unarmed one with no combat training.

Independent security guards are more expensive than security guards that work for a licensed security business. This isn’t always necessary, but if you’re looking for a group of independent security guards, check your local laws first.

On average, an inexperienced and unarmed guard will charge $15 to $20 per hour, while a highly trained and armed guard will charge between $30 and $35.

A basic security guard may wear a protective suit and carry a communication device, if necessary. Merely having security personnel on the premises is usually enough to deter criminals in most cases. Building security guards do not have to engage in physical confrontations with offenders. Therefore, this equipment is plenty for them to maintain order in your facility.

Experience and Insurance

That person’s experience level determines the average hourly rate paid to a guard. An entry-level, unarmed security guard will generally charge less than a former Marine with special weapons and combat training. Because businesses have more overhead, independent security guards may charge lower rates than those legitimate business charges.

Not all states allow clients to hire independent security guards directly, so understand your state’s laws before hiring a freelance operator. Be sure that any independent security guard or company you use is covered by liability insurance. This gives you, as well as your visitors and possessions, legal protection.

  • Basic unarmed guard: $15-$20 per hour
  • Basic armed guard: $20-$25 per hour
  • Unarmed guard with advanced skills and experience: $30-$35 per hour
  • Armed guard with advanced skills and experience: $35-$45 per hour
  • Most experienced armed guard (off-duty police officers, ex-military): $60-$100 per hour or more

Your location

The cost of employing a security guard will vary according to the location of your facility. Security guards who work in big cities are more expensive than those who work in small towns. For example, the monthly cost of a 24/7 concierge security guard in Surrey is $14,928.50 per month. Here are some additional examples of how much it costs to employ a 24/7 concierge security guard in various cities every month:

A concierge is also known as a gatekeeper. Their duty is to control who enters and leaves the premises. They must verify the credentials of everyone who passes through the facility, including visitors and residents.

A property manager or homeowners’ association may hire a security guard to patrol the premises on foot or in a vehicle. Patrol guides are often active at night, whereas gate guards work shifts throughout the day. This is to ensure that there is always someone at the gate. Having a 24/7 concierge will cost more than hiring a roving guard who comes in for a set number of hours each day.

Average Cost Of A Security Guard

There are many things to think about before you employ a security firm.

Check The Company’s Website For More Information

To begin, go to the website of the security firm. It should include information on the company’s services. This includes documentation of any licensing or regulatory bodies they’re a member of. Make sure they’re licensed and insured by doing your homework on the firm.

Take your time when making a decision. Don’t be in a rush

Take your time recruiting them. Put them through the ringer by having them evaluate your facility and grasp your security needs, and present techniques. The firm should be able to identify and suggest solutions for any security flaws in your building.

Keep It Basic

The most essential thing is to maintain a security presence in your facility. There’s no need to go all out with combat-trained and armed guards unless you live in an area with a high crime rate. Rather, choose a firm that provides basic, unarmed guards to guard the gate at your property overnight and patrols it during the day. You should be safe if the security officer is trained, licensed, and uses a good communication device.

Examine their hiring procedure

Verify that the firm you hire has stringent hiring procedures and processes in place to screen its personnel. Before employing any security guard, ensure that these tests are completed.

Ensure the firm gives its employees continual training and that they’re licensed and comply with state laws. Ensure that the armed security personnel you choose are properly trained and experienced in using their weapons in high-risk scenarios if you hire one for any reason.

Be proactive

While the security firm will handle your building’s technical and administrative issues, it will also assist in developing patrol routes. No one knows your property better than you. Take a tour with a representative from the security company to ensure that they have hands-on knowledge of the property’s weak spots and defences.

Ask for references

Ask the firm for references and call around to inquire about their services. Check out their website and testimonials on Google and elsewhere.

Why Hire a Security Company?

A security guard company may provide the following services for a condo complex:

  • Providing continuous security presence.
  • Prevent theft and break-ins.
  • Make sure everyone who enters and leaves the facility is identified.

Each condo complex has its own set of security rules and legislation, which means each one is different. This affects the services they want from the security firm. We propose that you employ a certified security business that adheres to state laws and provides a comprehensive range of services for optimal results.

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards

Personal security guards may help you protect yourself and your home with the following benefits:

  • Unlawful Individuals are Deterred by Teetering – Having a security guard on staff at your company significantly lowers the risk of vandalism, robbery, and assault. That’s because armed guards will deter lawbreakers from continuing with their attempts.
  • Providing a Feeling of Greater Security – Security professionals, on the other hand, provide a feeling of security to owners, employees, and clients by providing a safe environment for them to work in.
  • Keeping an eye on your property – Patrols, monitoring security cameras, responding to alarms, and operating security gates to keep your property secure are all tasks that they must complete.

Security guards can provide security and safety for you, allowing you to go about your daily life without fear. Having protection from threats like fire or break-in is a must for anyone who runs a business or an executive concerned with personal safety and protection.

Hiring a Security Service

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a security business or an independent agency to protect your home, event, or family. In general, you should make sure that these businesses have the appropriate licenses, training, and clean background checks.

If you’re going to hire a private security firm, make sure they do thorough background checks on their staff and test all of them for drugs regularly. It’s also important to check their hiring criteria before agreeing to work with them, especially if you want the guard to stay with you long term. It will be ideal to double-check that the firm you want or are working with meets state and local standards and offers adequate liability insurance coverage.

However, if you’re thinking about independent guards, they should also pass background checks in addition to the criteria listed above. You should also see whether your state allows these specialists to work alone. Finally, to ensure that you’re getting competent protection or individuals, read previous consumer evaluations and contact references to ensure you get the security you pay for.

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