Concierge Security Guards

Concierge security guards have a unique job. They are specially trained professionals, and they are responsible for two primary roles: ensuring the protection of the premises and extending hospitality to the occupants and guests. 

Vancouver Security For The 21st Century

The world is evolving rapidly, and so are the technologies for security. While some solutions may be reactive, new advancements have created proactive systems that can identify potential threats before they become an issue or even worse -evade detection entirely!

Important Retail Store Security Tips

Retail theft is a huge problem and the following are some tips to help you fight it. -Eliminate opportunities for retail thieves by closing off doors between viewers, cash registers or checkout counters with barriers like curtains so they cannot see what's being carried out without being seen themselves first hand

Enhancing The Reputation Of Your Security Guard Company

Security Guard System To Protect Your Business

Role Of A Fire Watch Security Guard

A fire watch security guard is a crucial role in any building. They’re the first responders and play an important preventative measure against damage from fires, by maintaining order during emergencies like this one!

Mobile Patrol Security Guards To Stop Crimes

Property and business owners should consider hiring a mobile patrol for their properties to prevent theft. These guards play an important role in controlling harmful occurrences within the premises, such as burglary or vandalism!

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Services Security Companies Provide

Home Security Mobile Patrol Plans

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