Planning a large event is exciting but it does come with a number of responsibilities. Although the main priority is to create an event that marks a special occasion and ensure that your guests have a good time, you will also need to think about everyone’s safety. Sadly, security can often be overlooked but it is always best to exercise caution and prevent any disaster from happening. To maintain the safety of your guests, you should hire event security guards. Securiway Security, who offer complete security in the Vancouver and the surrounding areas have listed the top five reasons why you should hire event security.

Prevent uninvited guests from gate crashing

We all want our events to be exclusive affairs where only people who are on the guest list can attend. But when you have a large gathering it’s not always easy to monitor the crowds. By having professional event security guards, you can be rest assured that your guest list is closely monitored. Event Security guards will escort any uninvited guests off the premises. Security agency Securiway Security offer all types of security solutions including door supervisors.

Adhere to venue requirements

Depending on the venue you decide to hire for your event, there may be rules set by the venue you need to adhere to. This is often the case when alcoholic beverages are sold. Trained security guards know how to handle altercations and fights that may be fueled by excessive alcohol consumption.

Crowd control by event security guards

No one likes to think the worst but if disaster struck or there is some kind of a threat, it is essential people are evacuated quickly. People running around frantically can make matters worse. However, the presence of security guards will mean they will be able to maintain crowd control in a professional and efficient manner should an emergency arise. Professional security is trained to know all the exits and can escort people to safety.

Guest Security

Having security guards at your event will make your guests feel their security is valued. Security guards will check bags at the door to prevent any object that may harm anyone from entering the premises. This includes weapons such as knives and guns or any other suspicious objects.

Handle or deter crime or theft

It’s less likely for criminals to commit crimes in the presence of security guards. Having a group of security guards walking about at an event is a great deterrent. But should any person still be determined enough to commit a crime, event security guards will know what to do in such a scenario. Whether it’s a robbery, fire or terrorist attack, trained security personnel will know what to do to keep everyone safe.

How to hire security for your event

Securiway Security Company offers complete, professional security solutions throughout Vancouver and lower mainland. Our skilled security guards team is fully trained and SIA-licensed officers are available 24/7 to protect you, your premises and your assets, whether you are a corporate or private establishment. Whatever your business, you can count on Securiway Security guards Vancouver to protect it. Call us today on 604 757-3331.

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