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This is a world in which you can trust no one: precisely one of the reasons why you should secure your home just like you secure your business properties. Thieves and burglars have recently shown an increased interest in breaking into houses and robbing your possessions. Keep the materialistic loss aside for a while, the very thought of someone roaming around in your home where you have lived so freely is chilling. That is why security services are needed for your personal space as well as a business place.

Even if you have intelligently considered these factors already and a security system installed at your house, there is no guarantee that your house is safe when you are not in it. Securiway Security services Vancouver has implemented a great solution to this problem, where we offer dynamic home security patrol services to be sent to your house on-call.

Once you received the push notification from your security system at home that a lively presence is sensed inside your home. One quick alert you send to our security monitoring base crew at Securiway security services Vancouver will send a home security patrol car straight to your residence. That is how quick and convenient Securiway Security guard services are.

Importance And Procedure Of Having A Home Security Home Patrol

If you are abroad or simply away when you receive the alert notification about unusual activity in your home, you have no one else to talk to other than your security guard service. Securiway Security Vancouver makes sure that your place would soon be under close investigation.

Vancouver security services with our security guard agency are now very simple because you get to have a complete home security patrol sent right to your doorstep the minute you make the call. If the burglar is still inside your house, maybe with a job unfinished or not yet even started – he/she could be effectively scared off simply by the presence of our experienced security guard service.

The home security patrol sent by Securiway security services agency would be quick in body and wise in mind. Therefore, they would not attempt any violent actions in order to chase the intruder away. Some Vancouver security services damage your private property and break into your house even when no activity inside is found, and the alert you received happens to be a false alarm. This is why Securiway security services Vancouver is very patient about what we are doing.

If Securiway security guard services notice anything suspicious, confront anyone, or catch the suspect – they would take the responsibility of calling the police. By the time you return, the hardest portion of dealing with burglary would already be taken care of by Securiway security services Vancouver.

It does not always have to be “you” receiving alert notifications—our monitoring systems at Securiway security services Vancouver would be vigilant 24/7. Upon our information, you only have to confirm with our security services monitoring department to get a car sent to your house regardless of where you are at the moment.

In the course of investigating the scene of the home incident, we never enter your premises without your permission. And even if we open the premises, Securiway security services Vancouver does not send our home mobile patrol security guards inside the house because of the imminent threat that might still be lurking, the fear of destroying evidence, and for the utter convenience of the police.

Visible damages would be instantly reported but not meddled with. Without being blinded by the notion of helping you, we stick to our legal limitations of interference and wait for the police to arrive. Meanwhile, if the burglar is still inside, we do our best to make him/her feel our presence so that he/she would hopefully run away in fear of getting caught.

Payment Schemes

Securiway Vancouver security services are provided 24/7, and the payment schemes are straightforward because home security patrols are not something that you would need regularly. Payments can be arranged according to the number of home mobile patrol security services you hire, and all our security guard services are so affordable that these, too, are neither extravagant nor hard to pay for.

While you can hire our home patrol security guard services on-call when an incident is sensed, Securiway Vancouver security services also offer you the option of hiring an individual patrol security guard service. Here, a patrol guard pays a visit to your home each night, once or more than once a week, to collect your mail and check whether everything else is in order. For those of you who plan to go on an extended vacation, business tour, or a cruise – Securiway security services Vancouver is the best solution to keep your sweet home safe at all times.

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