Security Guard is protecting not only himself but also the people around him as well as the property. Security Guards should be aware of the moments where security is threatened. Therefore, the security guard must have a few essential gears which he used for his work. Most of the time, Security Guards Vancouver are working outdoor; hence, they need to be prepared all the time. Even the mobile patrols who work though CCTV also required such prepare. Mobile patrol Security Guards commonly use uniformed vehicles to travel around the site in Vancouver. So that they can keep a close eye on every part of it, paying particular attention to dangerous or high-risk areas. To make sure property and people are secure, security patrol is essential. Vancouver Security companies offer such safety. Since Security Guards are the person who primarily involved in securitizing, he must have specific equipment as given below. We can identify the things given below as the must things for a Security Guard in Vancouver.

1. Security Licences

Security Guards must have a valid Security Licence issued by the security registrar of Security Services in British Columbia. Under British Columbia’s Security Services Act, holding Security Licence is a must for those who are offering security for property, individual, or for events. There are specific licence types which are different from each. For example, there is a specific licence which permits to use dogs for Security Activities. Those who wish to apply for the Security Guard position must have the qualifications certificate by the government of Canada. The process of getting a Security Guard Licence will take at least six weeks. It is recommended to apply for renewing Security Licence to the registrar of Security Services before 90 days of its expiry date. It is easier to apply for both new or renew the license from online, governments’ official website.

2. Pen and Waterproof Notepad

Security Guard needs to have a good memory. Because he needs to report to his employer or the security company. So that it is necessary for him to carry a pen with a waterproof pad. When Security Guards on Mobile Patrol, he needs to take down the observations of the events took place. Also, it is a must to have a notepad, which is waterproof and lightweight.

3. Security Flashlight

Vancouver Security Guards must carry a flashlight in order to make light in the dark. So, Security Guards can act in the night as he is working in the day time. It also recommended taking a flashlight in day shifts as well. For example, if Security Guards needs to go to a darker room, Flashlight will be the most required device. Also, Flashlight can be used as safely tool, use for protection. Security Guards use heavy duty and mettle flashlights to gain both above advantages. A torch is the most commonly used tool among Security Guards in Vancouver.

4. Clean Ironed Uniform

Every Security Guard has a certain uniform to wear when he is on his duty. So, people (especially those who are in need) can easily recognize who is he. To build the reputation of their security company as well as the security guard service, security guards must wear a clean and well-ironed uniform.

5. Boots

Wearing a good quality pair of boots will protect the feet. Thus, the Security Guard must wear Boots. Pair of Boots will provide comfort to feet as well. It is also necessary to consecrate the quality of boots. Because sometimes security guards have to walk long distances. Even when the Security Guard is in Mobile Patrol vehicles, the time of wearing boots will be long. Security Guards are also recommended to change the boots twice a year. On the other hand, wearing boots is a safety precaution since they may have to go into oily or construction sites to provide their security guards and patrol services.

6. Gloves

Gloves protect hands from injuries. Gloves act as a barrier for germs, so they prevent the spread of diseases. For a Security Guard who work mostly in the field must have a good quality of gloves. High quality of gloves makes hands comfortable. Moreover, in winter, gloves are useful to warm hands. It is part of the uniform of a Security Guard. Especially in Vancouver, security guards may have to handle drug overdose situations, and therefore, having protective gloves can be handy.

7. Security Guard Duty Belt

Security Guard has a specific belt which is different from other ordinary belts in the market. Security Guard’s Belt is the essential tool. Because it can carry the required devices such as Flashlight, walkie-talkies and other communication devices, and a firearm. It also follows the Security Guard to keep his hands free. Duty Belt has additional space to keep the equipment that is needed.

8. Communication Devices (2-way radio and fully charged smartphone)

Security Guard must always be alert with the emergency news and on-call security guard service as well as he must have regular connection with his other colleagues and his security company. Therefore, it is highly recommended to carry communication devices such as two-way radio and the smartphone. 2-way radio, often called walkie-talkies, are capable of transmitting and receiving a signal. Although the user can’t talk and listen at the same time, two way, radio is the fastest way of communication when Security Guards are in mobile patrolling.

Even though Security Guards are communicating through walkie-talkies most commonly, it is necessary to keep fully charged smartphone standby. The telephone numbers which used for the case of emergency in Vancouver should be placed in the smartphone. Such as ‘911’ for fire or rescue services, a number of the hospital near and police station.

10. Mini-First Aid Kit

9. High-Visibility Clothing

First Aid is necessary in the case of an emergency in order to manage the situation or to prevent the condition from being escalating into a high degree. Mini First aid kit is a box or a bag that contains the necessary items for providing emergency care as a security guard. More importantly, they need to be trained with basic First Aid. It should be small first aid kit because it makes easier to Security Guard to carry it.

Security Guard must be highlighted than other people. Because most of the time he is working in public places. Wearing High-visible clothes make Security Guard highlighted. There are high-visible clothes in several colours. These colours, are also known as ‘high light colours.’ Moreover, especially Vancouver security guards have to work in the night time too. Then wearing high visibility clothing is essential for safety.

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