According to a study in 2017, shoplifting costs of small shop owners in the Canada about $1,000 per month in lost revenue, and since the retail sector is already struggling, this can be devastating for businesses of all sizes. That’s why so many stores are now cracking down more harshly on shoplifting and theft, whether it’s hiring security guards as a loss prevention service, or by investing in high-tech security measures, helping to keep your profits safe.

Shoplifting deterrents

Many shoplifters are repeat offenders and will look out for easy targets where they think nobody is paying attention. A few deterrents can cut down on the number of shoplifting attempts, such as:

Having lots of staff around
Having visible CCTV
Using security tagging
Not leaving high value items on shelves
Having uniformed security guards on patrol

Rather than trying to apprehend shoplifters, it’s often easiest to simply make your business as difficult to steal from as possible. Security companies who specialize in loss prevention service (Retail Security) can carry out regular patrols and also make recommendations to tighten security in your premises.

Uniformed or plain clothes security guards patrols

Uniformed loss prevention security guards can be a good deterrent in many types of business, and sometimes just having someone at the front door can be enough to cut crime. However, areas with more persistent shoplifting problems will often use security guard services such as plain clothes officers, who’ll blend in with the crowds, looking out for more wily shoplifters. This can be especially effective at peak times such as Christmas, when high-value items are targeted.

Remote CCTV surveillance

Some retail environments can benefit from having someone monitoring the store remotely, raising the alarm when needed. This can often be easier than having someone physically in the store, but if you need help then you know you’ve got backing from a security agency who offer effective loss prevention service. CCTV can help deter thefts, with cameras trained on key areas of the store, and can even help keep an eye on staff if you suspect employees might be stealing.

Tagging high value items

Most retail stores now make the most of modern technology and tag many of their high-value items, from perfume to expensive foods. However, it’s common to visit a shop and hear alarms going off, yet have staff ignore them because they’re too busy to respond or think the system is broken. This is where using professional security guard can really benefit your store. It means that potential shoplifters can be challenged, so your store isn’t seen as a soft touch and doesn’t become an easy target.

Bag searches

If a potential shoplifter is spotted, it’s important that you have someone there to let them know they’re under suspicion and act accordingly. This could be politely requesting a bag search, or simply following them and keeping a close eye. Either way, using security companies means that you can put the correct protocol in place and make life difficult for those who are trying to steal.

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