A fire watch security guard is personnel hired through a security company and is the first respondent in case of a fire in the location he/she is assigned to. They play a key role in their workplace, especially in preventing and minimizing damage to human life and property during a fire. Hence, the Vancouver security companies ensure that their guards undergo mandatory training required to efficiently and effectively do their job, given its importance.

Important Tasks Undertaken By A Fire-Watch Security Guard

Important Tasks Undertaken By A Fire Watch Security Guard

Prevention Of Fire Out Breaks

Prevention of fire is one of the most crucial responsibilities undertaken by a fire-watch security guard. They conduct regular walkthroughs in their workplace and stay vigilant for suspicious activity or any item that looks out of place. The guards will constantly keep an eye for anything that could ignite a fire such as inflammable material in close range to sources of heat, abnormal sparks, and electric appliances that can cause a fire.

Moreover, it is also their responsibility to ensure that all fire extinguishing tools and equipment are maintained and up to date. For instance, fire-watch security guards will keep track of the expiry dates of fire extinguishers so that they do not get blind-sided in case of an emergency.

Make The Necessary Phone Calls During A Fire

In case the fire-watch security guard sees the tell-tale signs of a fire, or if the fire alarm within the premises is triggered, it is his duty to confirm the emergency situation to the relevant authorities. Once he is certain about the fire and has witnessed it, he has to primarily activate the fire alarm if it has not already gone off. Afterward, the fire-watch security guard is in charge of contacting the fire department and the supervisors of the Vancouver security company to let them know of the prevailing situation.

While doing so, the guards will also work together with the emergency forces and fire respondents to curtail the fire and save lives while minimizing the damages to the property.

Evacuate People From The Location

If there is a fire outbreak in the location at which the guard is assigned, it is his duty to evacuate people as per the security protocols. Each firm would have its own safety procedures in place which would specify what needs to be done in case of an emergency. Thus, the guard has to be aware of the procedures established and follow them while ensuring those in the vicinity do the same.

Before a fire outbreak, fire watch security guards would ensure that the emergency exits are accessible and not blocked for any reason whatsoever. In case of obstructions, immediate actions need to be taken since it is the only accessible exit during an emergency situation.

Other Roles Undertaken By Fire Watch Security Guards

In some instances, guards may be assigned to workplaces that can expose human lives to hazardous chemicals and other toxic materials in case of a fire.

Therefore, it is very important that the fire-watch guards have at least a brief understanding of their workplace’s surrounding environment prior to assuming their duties.

If they are aware of such situations, they can undergo adequate training that will educate them on the necessary precautions and procedures that need to be followed during a fire outbreak in such a location.

Ergo, fire watch security guards hired through a security company are a smart investment since they will be able to prevent and minimize the impact of fire outbreaks at your properties. They have undergone advanced training programs and have adequate skills and experience that would help them best handle emergency scenarios.

Furthermore, fire watch security guards will have emergency plans in action for which they will be prepared to implement as soon as the need arises within your property. Therefore, many construction sites in Vancouver hire fire watch security guards to safeguard construction sites.

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